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I am a retired advisor in the financial field, I have dealt with many people across Canada and the US and want to express my pleasure with the way Poulin’s Pest Control has treated my wife and me.  We weren’t treated as perpetrators but as victims, and we really appreciate the kind approach towards us and our efforts to make everything as easy and convenient as possible.  Bottom line is – given the choice, we would rather have Poulin’s than the bugs!  We have lived in apartments for almost 70 years and have never had any problems with bugs before, this was a first for us and Poulin’s made it very easy to get through, and for that we are very thankful.

Gord H.
Posted Date : 17-04-2017
Release Date : 11-04-2017

Good products. (You get what you pay for). Helpful staff. Not rude.

Bill E.
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 02-05-2016

Always seem to have knowledgeable staff!

Kerry D.
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 04-09-2016

I have used Poulin's pest control a couple times for ants and wasps.  Their team has always been courteous and respectful of my garden. I appreciate how they explain exactly what they are going to do and always let me know if I am not pleased with their work they will return. I would definitely recommend and use their services again.

Debbie R.
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 24-08-2016

They have every thing you need for post control

Ralph L.
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 09-10-2016

Found staff very knowledgeable and professional

Pat D.
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 29-09-2016

Really good service, Polite and got rid of the bugs. May have taken two tries but at least they're gone. (Reason being they were hiding in hard to see cracks in the wall, that they wouldn't have seen, if I only mentioned them the first attempt.) Would highly recommend! Thanks Poulins!

Bianca R.
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 14-08-2016

Can't believe the other reviews. Have nothing but good things to say about Poulins and their products.

Dallyn G.
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 29-03-2016

Good job. 3 month guarantee, I found another beetle 8 weeks later, they came back and did it again free of charge and there were no more beetles. Satisfied customer.

Joanne C.
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 20-02-2016

Wow, Just when I thought I was going to have to spend over 3g to replace everything in my home the lovey woman on the phone told me about the "Big-oven-thingie" lol. It was an affordable option and not to mention the convenience of it! Thank you so much!

Google User
Posted Date : 21-10-2016
Release Date : 02-08-2011

Poulin's has been looking after the pest control at our 1200 sow hog barn since 1994, and have always served us well. To date, we have never received quite the service the new technician is providing for us. He is diligent, thorough and sincerly doing his job, and he is friendly to boot.
Posted Date : 21-05-2013
Release Date : 00-00-0000

Cody recently came to my home to deal with a plague of carpenter ants. He was extremely thorough, inspecting both exterior and interior of the house. He explained the source of the problem and dealt with it in very knowledgeable fashion. Efficiency, helpfulness, and a winning personality.
Posted Date : 21-05-2013
Release Date : 00-00-0000

Chris is an excellent employee. He did not get frustrated with any of the tenants who were not ready for their treatments. He was especially helpful and knowledgeable with answering questions and was a fountain of information. He was very patient with everyone
Mary Anne
Posted Date : 21-05-2013
Release Date : 00-00-0000

Jessie is a great employee and very professional. He explains everything in detail so we know exactly what is going on and is very pleasant to have on site.
Posted Date : 21-05-2013
Release Date : 00-00-0000

Poulins took time and answered our questions, gave us the straight truth; explaining in every detail the steps we had to take to overcome the situation in the most effective way.
M. & Y.
Posted Date : 21-05-2013
Release Date : 00-00-0000

I HIGHLY RECOMMAND THE HEAT TREATMENT FOR BED BUGS!!!! IT WORKED!!! Pay the extra money, don't live with all your clothes in a bag like I did all summer. THANK YOU POULINS!

Posted Date : 00-00-0000
Release Date : 00-00-0000


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